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Best Boating Apps for 2016

Author: Michael Perulli

If you are looking to add some new boating apps to your tablet or smartphone, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of the best boating apps to help you navigate, plan, share and socialize on the water this year:

  1. Navionics Boating – GPSnavionics

Time and time again, when we speak to boaters and ask them what GPS app they’re using, Navionics Boating is the answer. Navionics is free to download and offers in-app purchases for charts and other upgrades, such as autorouting. Navionics Boating is available for both iOS and Android devices.

  1. NOAA World Radar


In order to enjoy the day safely on the water, a close eye must be kept on the weather. If you’re on iOS, in our experience the best radar app is NOAA’s World Radar. It has very hi-resolution and incredible accuracy. An app not only good for boating, but just great to have any time you want to see what kind of weather is rolling in.

  1. Windfinderwindfinder

Ideal for sailors, kitesurfers, windsurfers and more, this app allows you to see the wind, waves and weather across the globe in real time. Windfinder is available for free (iOS and Android), or you can purchase the ad-free pro version (iOS and Android).

  1. Marine Navigation Chart Canada

marine nav chart icon

If you boat and/or fish in saltwater, having the latest marine tide information at your fingertips is invaluable. Marine Navigation Chart is available for both iOS and Android .

  1. Animated KnotsAnimated Knots

Animated Knots by Grog is a broad teaching and reference tool for boaters and other hobbyists. With step-by-step instructions and, you guessed it, frame-by-frame animations, this app teaches you to tie knots at your own pace. For five dollars, you really can’t go wrong. You can download this app for iOS or Android.

  1. Angler’s Atlas

anglers atlas

A great resource and social app for anglers. The app allows you to upload photos of your latest catch, describe the conditions of how you caught it, study other locations where fish were caught, add friends, view their photos and more. Available for free on both iOS and Android.


  1. Swell Advantage

    Swell Advantage

Swell Advantage is a social boating app that lets you see where your family and friends are out on the water, including where they are headed and their speed. Custom notifications inform you when family and friends get on the water. It’s free for iOS and Android (beta).



8.  BoatraxBoatrax


Boatrax lets you keep detailed records of your boat while capturing and sharing your moments with family and friends. You can share your location and photos with friends and the boating community. You can pick up Boatrax for both iOS and Android.

9. Camera apps



Last but certainly not least, make sure you use your camera app to document all your boating adventures this year and share it with us on Facebook and Instagram!

Want some more boating apps and tools? Check out our boating Apps and Tools page on Discover Boating or let us know your favourite boating app in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Best Boating Apps for 2016

  1. Trevor Fenner

    Awesome list and they all look very useful. I love how you guys end it with the camera app, a no brainer! Great work. I’ll be sure to download these and suggest them to my friends. Thanks.

  2. Kristine Vos

    Great list, I also use KnowWake application to find restaurants and marinas when cruising the intracoastal.


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