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Entertaining on a Boat with Style

Author: Tracey Hart

There’s nothing quite like being afloat, soaking in the sea breeze with great people, and spectacular skylines to marvel at. Some of my favourite parties have been on boats! For me, the stylistic and dining elements are all important and so below I offer my expert tips for great entertaining on a boat. Music of course is also an essential component so make sure you get a great DJ or compile the perfect playlist. There are also some practical matters to be mindful of when not being grounded, for example you have to take extra care to make sure nothing is left behind that you intended to bring on board for the party!

Top 10 Expert Tips from Melissa Andre Events

1. Mix expected colours with the unexpected
The traditional nautical white and navy can be counterbalanced with unexpected pops of colour, whether it be green, pink or yellow. Just be consistent.

2. Handheld desserts
Cakes are complicated because they require cutting and flatware. You can get away with a lot less hassle by having ice lollies or miniature confectionary that can be eaten standing up and held by guests.

3. Authentic seafood
The menu and hors d’oeuvres can be unashamedly inspired by the best that the sea has to offer. Think crab cakes and scallops, and of course oysters are a must.

4. Mix classic stripes with floral patterns
Mixing stripes with patterns ensures you can incorporate your favourite designs and shapes while maintaining the nautical look. Nautical with a touch of unexpected.

5. Subtly use shapes inspired by the marina and sea
Whether you’re serving canapés in a cleaned out seashell, or having sailing ship origami as your place cards, infusing aspects of the sea all around makes the whole experience that much richer.

6. Keep dining light
Hosting on a boat can be a bit more casual so it’s best to keep food uncomplicated and light so it’s easy to serve and you can focus on being social with your guests.

7. Elegant use of rope
Rope is inexpensive and can be beautiful intertwined between place settings or wrapped around cutlery.

8. Combining different sized centerpieces
Whether you go for just a few oversized floral arrangements or dozens of battery operated candles, interfusing them with smaller sized centerpieces is a good way to get away with doing less in small spaces.

9. Prepare for cooler breezes by the water
Have pashminas or blankets available for guests for when temperatures cool down. You don’t want the weather spoiling the mood just when everything else is going so well!

10. Something to complete the evening
Biodegradable water lanterns in different shades released onto the water make a beyond beautiful spectacle on which to end the evening.

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