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Five New Extreme Watersports

Author: Michael Perulli


Wakesurfing and wakeboarding have quickly become two of the most popular watersports (check out our beginner’s tips for wakeboarding and how to start wakesurfing if you want to give them a try), but every year thrill seekers push the envelope and find new ways to have fun on the water. If you’re brave enough, here are some new extreme watersports to tackle this boating season:

1. Water Scooters

Love diving and snorkeling but hate that pesky “swimming” part? Then water scooters are perfect for you! All jokes aside, water scooters are personal water propulsion devices that allow you to dive deeper and faster. The best part is, it doesn’t take a lot of practice to have fun with and you should be able to rent different makes and models at a beach near you.

2. Hydro Flying

Ever wish you could have your very own jet-pack? Well, now you can! Well, sort of. Hydro flying is like having a water propelled jet pack that uses the thrust of your personal watercraft to send you hovering above the water. It may take some getting used to (you can take lessons from $50 – $100 per session), but with a little bit of practice you’ll be doing tricks in no time.

3. Flyboarding

Remember the movie Back to the Future II ? I think everyone who does wanted a hover board. Good news, we have gotten pretty close. Flyboarding takes the concept of hydro flying and combines it with wakeboarding and wakesurfing. You stand on a makeshift ‘board’ that is attached to two water jets. The learning curve is steep, but you can get lessons, just like hydro flying.

4. Flybiking

Just like our last two entries, flybiking uses water propulsion to allow you to glide above the water. This may be the easiest to get used to because you are seated, but will still take some practice.

5. Jet Boarding/Jet Surfing

Who needs waves? Strap a motor to your surfboard and you’re good to go! Jet surfing is the definition of an extreme sport. It’s not for everyone, but those brave enough to try it look like they are having a really good time.

2 thoughts on “Five New Extreme Watersports

  1. Kristi Bergkamp

    You did not mention the Subwing, which is a new and evolving watersport. Developed and designed in Norway, the Subwing is a new boarding experience to explore underwater life. If you would like more information regarding the Subwing, please see my blog at

  2. Alex

    OMG!?!?! Wowsers.

    I can imagine that many of these sports would get old quickly. Too much cost and prepation time involved. You can’t beat the simplistic purity of surfing on a wave or skiing/boarding behind a speeding boat.

    IMHO – call me Old Skool I gues :p


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