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4 Things to Look for in Boating Sunglasses

Author: Discover Boating

replaceProtecting your eyes while on the water is just as important as protecting your skin. The sun’s glare off the water and harmful UV rays need to be combated and the best way to do this is by purchasing a good pair of sunglasses. No matter what pair you choose, you want to ensure that the sunglasses you purchase block 100% of UV rays. Below are a few things to consider when purchasing: Continue reading

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What Trolling Motor is best for you?

Author: Discover Boating

Z100_2Trolling motors are great for controlling the subtle movements of your boat when you are fishing in shallow water or along the shoreline. The right trolling motor can make a big difference in your fishing experience and there are a lot of things to consider. Ideally, you want a motor that is quiet; however, you also want one that has the right amount of thrust for your boat and one that will match your fishing conditions. Here are the main things to consider before you purchase: Continue reading

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Growing Up on the Water: Q&A with Jake Owen

Author: Guest Author

Discover Boating (DB) sat down with country music artist and boat lover Jake Owen (JO) to learn more about growing up boating and why he enjoys to hang out on the water with his family.

DB: What does a day of boating with your family & friends look like?
Blog2_image1JO: When I’m going boating, the day starts early with a pit stop to load up on supplies for the day—snacks, Gatorade, fuel and sunscreen. We get everything packed up on the boat and then crank up the music. When we’re out on the water, we cruise around until we find a nice open spot to take turns wakesurfing, wakeboarding and just soaking up the sunshine. Then we get back to dock in time to watch the sun set over the water.

DB: Did you spend a lot of time on boats as a kid?
JO: My parents love being on the boat. Boating was pretty much an everyday part of my life as a kid, so I learned a lot about responsibility and used the water as an outlet for everything from relaxing and clearing my head to inspiration for my music. I always knew that I would live close to a lake, river or ocean because I want to be able to go out on the water and share this lifestyle with my friends and family.

DB: Does your daughter get out on the boat with you?Blog2_image2
JO: Definitely. I have so many amazing memories of my dad teaching me all about boating, and I know that I want to do the same for my daughter, Pearl. Being out on the water was the perfect opportunity to spend quality time together, and my dad shared a lot of important life lessons with me during those outings. I hope Pearl & I will share special moments like that as she grows up.

DB: What part of boating are you most excited to teach her?
JO: I absolutely cannot wait to teach Pearl how to drive a boat! It will be fun when she can pull me around while I’m surfing or wakeboarding behind the boat. Wow, thinking of her driving is actually kind of scary too…good thing we have lots of time before she will be ready for that!

DB: What’s been your favorite day on the boat this summer?
Blog2_image3JO: My favorite day on the water this summer was when I went to visit my cousins in Alabama. We were out boating and I was giving them a few wakeboarding tips. I got challenged to do a 360 flip and since I’m a competitive guy, I couldn’t say no. I knew that I needed to nail it and impress them, and I did! Then I did it again in Nashville on the Cumberland River. It always feels good to hit a 360, but it feels a whole lot sweeter when it’s a challenge!

Watch Jake talk more boating when he was the guest co-host for an episode of Country Music Television’s Hot 20 Countdown from the water – check it out here.

Jake grew up boating and his daughter may soon follow in his footsteps. What are your favorite family boating memories?

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Six Tips to Tow like a Pro

Author: Michael Perulli

If you own a jet boat, ski boat, or any other craft that lends itself well to watersports, chances are you spend a good amount of time on the water pulling riders. We sat down with Pro Wakeboard Tour driver and owner/operator of The Boarding School in Orlando, Travis Moye. Travis has pulled thousands of riders and knows what it takes to pull a rider like a professional. We’ve got six great tips from Travis below to help you tow like a pro and improve your sessions.

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